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''Since 1921, Stright Sewage Disposal Company, Inc. has been providing residents of the greater Stamford, CT area with septic tank and sewer line repair, cleaning and installation services. The technicians at this locally owned and operated business will not only provide you with any and all required installation, maintenance and pumping, but they can also perform comprehensive inspections of septic and sewer systems if you’re looking to buy or sell property. With decades of experience in the field, these septic solutions leaders are known throughout the area for their consummate professionalism and effective results.There’s little else as inconvenient and unpleasant than problems with sewer systems or septic tanks, which is why it’s very important to ensure that they are regularly maintained and kept in good working order. Stright Sewage Disposal Company’s technicians are trained to look out for the warning signs that problems are emerging, so they are able to be preventative in their approach. This keeps both the costs and duration of service down because less repairs are required, while keeping your system viable for longer – it’s a win-win!As part of the Stamford community for nearly a century, the folks at this company know the importance of being fair and straightforward in their dealings; the only way to succeed in a business like this one is to treat each customer with integrity and take pride in all jobs done, big or small. This is why locals know that, when